Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Monkey business

I know that I don't have many years before my little guy puts his foot down and says he wants to decide what he will be for Halloween. So, in the meantime I LOVE getting to decide for him! Last year I couldn't resist the little monkey outfit! Here are a couple pages I made last year!

The pictures on the following page weren't actually taken on Halloween. They were taken the day we bought the costume. I was just dying to try it on him. We were at my in-laws house, my little guy was sick with a horrible cold, and he was not the least bit happy when we made him try on this furry thing. But I still couldn't resist snapping a picture!

This year I am going to attempt to sew him a Peter Pan costume since he LOVES watching that movie! We'll see how it turns out.

Oh, and you still have one more day to get your name entered in my Fall Giveaway!!! See this post!

Hope you're all have a wonderful Fall day!


bandofbrothers said...
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bandofbrothers said...

oh gosh, Becca that was just adorable. Grumpy monkey! Love it!

He's going to make the most darling peter pan in the whole wide world!!!